Dr. Pius Volunteer in Tacloban, Philippines

My Favorite Memory:
Daily Assignments were well organized and planned out. My host family (Tess & Gerry) were very caring people

I was surprised that….
at the limited resources that the projects have and have to work with especially with their volunteers and the children they serve

The most difficult thing I experienced was….
Not having/carrying with me, adequate medications for the different conditions the sick children that I saw and treated.

Dr. Pius Volunteer in Tacloban, Philippines

My best received lesson…
Satisfaction to be able to help others who are less fortunate.

Tip for future volunteers… (Clothing, travel, personal items, donations, sightseeing etc)
Always shorts and light clothing in the Philippines, temperature around 85-90 F
Donation: try to sponsor a local child

Personal Paragraph (Testimonial): Great experience, memorable

How would you rate your experience working with the ABV staff, both in the USA, and in-country?
Excellent help, in trip preparation and travel. Local staff are excellent from airport pick-up, accommodation (host-family) and planned volunteer activities Tour guide provided by the local staff was great around the Tacloban city

How would you describe your accommodation ( ie: host family, on-site, shared housing etc):
Host-family (Gerry & wife Tess) were great and very entertaining, great food and company. I gained 10 Ibs in 1week
Site/Project Visits were well planned and fulfilling projects designed to help the children of Tacloban and near-bye municipalities

Dr. Pius Volunteer in Tacloban, Philippines

Are you willing to speak to other potential ABV volunteers?
· I would be willing to speak to other potential volunteers about my great experience in the Philippines
· I will do this again, am already planning similar trip for next year to the Philippines. Thanks, Dr. P Aboloye

Dr. Pius Volunteer in Tacloban, Philippines

Dr. Pius Volunteer in Tacloban, Philippines

Volunteer Name: DR. PIUS ABOLOYE, M.D
Program Dates: AUGUST 20 – AUGUST 27TH, 2011

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