Volunteer in Volta Region, Ghana

My Favorite Memory:
My favorite memory was every time you would open the gates to the orphanage all the little ones would run towards you and say ?auntie auntie? and want to be picked up. It was a great feeling to see that they were excited to have you there and were just as excited to see me and I was to see them.

I was surprised that?
The people were so welcoming and always willing to give a hand. Also the usual consistency in the water and electricity was much more than I expected.

The most difficult thing I experienced was?
a self-starter. In Ghana things are very relaxed as they are also at the orphanage. It was up to the volunteers to set their own schedules and do what they wanted to do with their time. It was difficult at first to not be ?expected? to do anything but to be needed in so many ways. There were many things that needed to be done at the orphanage but once they were started and then finished you would feel a world of accomplishment.

My best received lesson?
Speak and be friendly to the locals. They are very welcoming and many will even ask for your contact information.

Personal Paragraph (Testimonial)
Volunteering in an orphanage in Ghana really showed me to appreciate the little things in life. The children love you for who you are ? not where you are going, who you are going to be, or where you came from. The children would bring so much joy and happiness to my day I was always looking forward to getting to the home in the morning and had to pull myself away to leave in the evening. Even though 19 children can be a handful the older ones (and sometimes the younger ones) were always willing to help and point you in the right direction. Each child has a unique story, be patient and you will discover each child?s history.

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Volunteer in Volta Region, Ghana

Volunteer in Volta Region, Ghana

Volunteer Name: Dana Honzel
Project Location: Volta Region, Ghana, Africa
Program Dates: July 23 ? August 12
Volunteered At: Kpando orphanage

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